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Foundation Phase & Youth Development Phase:

Nutrition support began from season 2015-16 and has evolved over the last season. Bringing in a nutritionist that provides workshops for all players. The Academy Nutrition Consultant is approachable after nutrition workshops for parents and players to ask questions if required.

Professional Development Phase: 

The Academy Nutrition Consultant completes ISAK profiles on all U18 players. This gives the Academy Lead Sport Scientist an idea of where the player is it physically and they are performing to the best they can, or they are at risk of injury due to an increase in weight. If a player flags up to be over the threshold set by the Academy Nutrition Consultant target they are given an individual 7-day food diary to complete. The player will be given nutrition advice and the player may be given additional work in the gym to do to improve body composition.

Nutrition Workshop Presentation

Nutrition Workshop Presentation











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